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Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world", we created the website to be of service to the Chester County community. We realize that not everyone has the funds to market their community event - from yard sales to school plays to fundraisers. That is why we offer free event posting on our website for non-profits and citizens of Chester County, so you can let the community know the details of your event. Read more...
Put down the aspirin, mail in your last parking ticket and get ready to become a West Chester parking genius. Malena, from Malena's Vintage Boutique, produced a very informative video to solve all your parking headaches! Simply click the read more button to watch the video. Also, check back often because we will be updating you on any changes that occur regarding parking rules and regulations.

2014 SHiNE Golf Outing

It is that time of year again! Get your clubs ready to SHiNE!


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West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts Summer Camp: My 10-Year-Old’s Perspective

GroupOnStageScaledIf you read the first article of our 6-part summer series on the West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts, you would know that I was absolutely thrilled to find a top-notch theatre camp for my 10-year-old right in West Chester. I was so amped that I signed up "Little Bird", as I call her, for basically the entire summer. The camp is run by an incredible cast of instructors who bring an enormous amount of talent and experience to each week's theatrical theme. Little Bird's inaugural week, "Glee Week", was a huge success and I couldn't wipe the smile off her face all week. Score for mom! I was a little nervous for the second week, "Theatrical Production Jr." because the kids would be performing a play instead of a musical and I wouldn't have been surprised if she sang all of her lines and turned it into a musical. Click the Read More button below to read her journal entries for the week and see if I scored another mom point...and learn how to win a prize worth $350!!!

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Birthright of West Chester Launches New YouTube Network

West Chester – Birthright of West Chester, a non-profit charitable organization providing free services to women who are facing unplanned pregnancies, has created a custom YouTube and Facebook network aimed at reaching people on a digital level.

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Exton Little League International All-Star Softball Team Wins the PA State Title

Top Gun PA State ChampsScaledExton Little League's International All Star Softball team (11/12 year olds) captured the Pennsylvania State Title in Greensburg, PA yesterday afternoon!! Our hometown girls will now travel to Bristol, CT later this week to represent Pennsylvania at Eastern Regionals, where the winner advances to the Little League World Series in Portland, OR. Exton's first game at Regionals is scheduled for this Saturday at 5pm vs. New Jersey.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Exton (near the Giant) is hosting a fundraiser for the team this Wednesday, July 16th from 11:30 am – 10:00 pm. 20% percent of your total bill (including takeout orders) will be donated to the team to help with travel costs. Click the Read More button to learn more.

Read more: Exton Little League International All-Star Softball Team Wins the PA State Title

AMC Dine-In Theatre at Painter’s Crossing

AMC OutsideThe Kelly Family's review of AMC Dine-In Theatres, Painter's Crossing

By Meghan Kelly

We rounded up the 10-year-old and headed out for a new movie experience Monday night. She was completely geeked up to experience dinner in the movie theatre. The questions started before we could slide into our flip flops. "We get to eat a real dinner? Where do they put the food? Is it an actual movie theatre? Wait, is it a restaurant with tv's?" Followed-up immediately by, "Can I have a cheeseburger?" – basically, the only food group left on her dinner menu that she will willingly consume. Tired from the day, we simply responded (almost in unison), I guess we'll see when we get there.

Parking was easy, the lobby was bright and clean, and the bathrooms were easily accessible. Of course, the child continued with a myriad of questions including, but definitely not limited to, "Do you think they'll have root beer? I hope the seats are comfortable. What if I have to go to the bathroom?" In the din of her increasingly higher pitched voice, my eyes darted across the room and landed on a little slice of weekday heaven – a full bar. Thank you theatre gods, thank you.

Read more: AMC Dine-In Theatre at Painter’s Crossing

West Chester Residents Join to Start a Food Co-op

FoodconferencelogoLocals Seek More Transparency and Community Control in Food Choice

by Suzanne Adams

West Chester, Pa. - Community members have been volunteering their time to organize, plan, and build a member-owned (cooperative) grocery store in West Chester. Residents see many benefits to a community owned store, including more transparency and security in their food supply, convenient access at fair prices to the foods and other products that they prefer, the ability to support local food producers and the local economy, and the opportunity to build community through cooperation, education, and care for others.

Food co-ops are member owned and controlled and membership is open to all. While the store will be open to the public, the members will determine the direction and development of the store and its services. Co-ops encourage member participation and feedback, and operate to meet member determined goals. The growing food co-op movement is making it possible for consumers to take back control of their food supply.

Read more: West Chester Residents Join to Start a Food Co-op

New Blogger Has Hit the Pages of ChesterCounty-PA!

Patrick-McCrystal-2-ScaledLocal funny man and comedy writer, Pat McCrystal, has hit our pages as the newest blogger! Get ready for belly laughs, snorts and possibly spitting your beverage out your mouth or nose while reading these hilarious posts. 

What can you expect from, "Hey, is this ok to post?" Subscribe by Clicking Here and enjoy "Rambling observations on life nowadays and funny stories from the past from living in Philly and life around Chester County, the Philly suburbs and too many shore houses in Ocean City, Sea Isle and Avalon to count."

Pat is a 40 something kid from Delco who lives in downtown Philly now and never really grew up. His blog will be sure to infuse laughter back into your life and get you through the week. 

Pat's first post has a twist at the end that will make you laugh out loud. Click Here to enjoy, "Every year down the shore this happens..."

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West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts Theatre Camp: My Daughter’s Summer Experience

Little-Bird-SingingThroughout the summer, I will be reporting back to you on my 10-year-old's experience at the West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts Summer Camp. Most entries will be written by me to give you the parent perspective, but some weeks, you will have the lovely treat of hearing directly from my rising theatre star.

To begin, I would like to tell you a bit about my "Little Bird", as I call her. She earned the title by singing and dancing incessantly throughout the house from the age of two. I am always impressed by the fact that she is continually searching for an audience with no remnants of fear. If I invite friends or family over, Little Bird cannot contain her excitement and immediately begins producing her next show. The hearth for our wood-burning stove now doubles as a stage and our karaoke machine is basically on its last legs, spewing and sputtering like a 1950's Chevy truck, from overuse.

I knew I had to enroll her into a theatre camp to help this passion flourish after we took her to a Philly's game in May. A friend of ours works in the sound booth and invited us in for a tour. Little Bird immediately asked if she could sing a song for the people in the stadium. Do you ever remember being that fearless? I certainly do not. After a bit of research, I found the West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts and met with owner, Therese Walden-Murphy. My overall reaction? A resounding "Wow!"

Read more: West Chester Studio for the Performing Arts Theatre Camp: My Daughter’s Summer Experience

Clothes Mentor Stores to Donate Portion of July 4th Sales to Wounded Warrior Project

clothes mentor banner smallWest Chester, Pa. – Clothes Mentor West Chester will participate in the Wounded Warrior Project this 4th of July holiday. From Friday, July 4rd through Sunday, July 6th, the Clothes Mentor stores will donate 10% of total net sales to the organization.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a human services organization that serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound on or after September 11, 2001, as well as their families. Total store sales will be released after the event.

Read more: Clothes Mentor Stores to Donate Portion of July 4th Sales to Wounded Warrior Project

West Chester Borough Adds Composting Program

LongwoodGardensCompostingFacilityLandmark Americana, The Roots Cafe, and The Three Little Pigs Restaurant will all be participating in a six month pilot program where they will divert food scraps from their refuse to compost at a local facility.

By Denise Polk, West Chester University Professor

West Chester, Pa. - West Chester borough is participating in a new food composting pilot program to show the benefits of diverting food scraps from landfills. The borough's Public Works Department will collect food scraps from Landmark Americana, Roots Café and Three Little Pigs and deliver them to a local composting facility from June through November. The scraps will be converted to compost and used as a soil supplement. The program is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Read more: West Chester Borough Adds Composting Program

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